Residential Services


Window washing is our specialty. Sky has over 15 years of collective experience cleaning windows. We use the latest and most advanced technology, but we are not afraid to get our hands dirty.

Services provided

  • Pure Water Technology
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Washing by Hand
  • Screen Cleaning
  • Window Track Cleaning


Sky Service Pros can sanitize and disinfect your home after an illness or before/after family gatherings.

Services provided

  • Spraying surfaces with disinfection agent
  • Wiping all sprayed surfaces
  • Fogging rooms


Sky Service Pros clean your home’s gutter to prevent debris from building up in gutters and downpipes which can lead to damage to the interior and exterior of your home resulting in costly repairs in the future.  

Services provided

  • Clearing debris
  • Cleaning and clearing down pipes


Screens are great when they keep the outside out and the inside in. Even a small tear or hole can easily defeat the purpose.

Services Provided

  • Screen replacement using your frame
  • Quick & easy onsite repair
  • Honest assessment of needs

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